Size Guide


Not sure what size bracelet you need? It’s not uncommon, and there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, either. We know that complicates things, but it’s easier than you think to get a great fit! 

Use a measuring tape, wrap it loosely around your wrist. This will give you a convenient starting point (all of our bracelets include the length to help you find the ideal size). Factor in personal preference, too – do you like your bracelets a little tighter or looser? 

Unsure about the length or even your style? We’re here for you! Get in touch with one of our stylists.


Getting the perfect size ring can be challenging and involves personal preference. The most accurate way to measure your finger is to request our free ring sizer. Just fill in the form below, and we’ll ship your sizer kit out at no charge.

Don’t want to wait? We get it. You can also print the ring size guide below to find out what size your current ring is.


  1. Print the size guide and ensure that page scaling is set to “none.” Note that your ring may fall in between two sizes. In this case, always go with the larger of the two.
  1. Once you have the size of your ring, use the conversion chart below to determine your ring size.
  1. Remember that band thickness and other factors will also affect the fit. We’re always happy to help ensure you get the best fit possible, so feel free to shoot us a question.

Conversion Chart – Translate Ring Dimensions to Ring Size

No printer? No problem. You can measure your finger with a strip of paper. Just cut a strip of paper, wrap it snugly around your finger, and mark the point where it overlaps. Then, lay the paper flat and use a ruler to measure from the end to the fact you marked. 


Not sure how to get the right necklace? There’s no single answer – do you want a choker? Something that falls a little lower? A bold necklace for a low-cut dress? 

In most cases, chokers are 12.5 inches to 15 inches in length. Necklaces 15.5 to 16 inches usually sit on the collarbone. Therefore, 17-inch necklaces will fall just below the collarbone, while 20-inch and longer will fall farther down the chest.

Not sure about the fit? Get in touch, and one of our stylists will be happy to help.