1.00 d.e.w cts 5mm Round Lyra Moissanite Stud Earrings

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925 $210 BellaMoi Price | 14K $1150 BellaMoi Price

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The design is a symbol of timeless traditions that fascinate us all, A solitaire may be a solitary stone, but it is most definitely not a loner. Celebrate your singularity with these dazzling stud earrings for fashionistas fresh from the runway. These fabulously fashionable earrings are gems of self-expression every woman should have in her jewelry box. It's good to know you can take something so small and let it do all the talking for you at any given time.

Bill Of Material

* 2 Pcs Round Moissanite 5.0 mm total 1.00 cts dew.

* Weight in 925 - 1.31 gms.
* Weight in 14K - 1.64 gms.