Getting the perfect size ring can be challenging and involves personal preference. The most accurate way to measure your finger is not through measuring charts or downloading ring sizers. Measure your finger with a strip of paper. Just cut a strip of paper, wrap it snugly around your finger, and mark the point where it overlaps. Then, lay the paper flat and use a ruler to measure from the end to the fact you marked.

1. Cut a strip of paper

2.Wrap the strip around your finger and mark where it overlaps

3. Measure the length of the overlap in millimeters, then find that measurement on this chart:

4.If you're still not sure, try measuring with string or cut another piece of paper

Conversion Chart – Translate Ring Dimensions to Ring Size

So don’t wait! We get it. Print the ring size chart. Follow the simple instructions to find out what size is your current ring.

Once you have the size of your ring, use the conversion chart to determine your ring size.

Remember that band thickness and other factors will also affect the fit. We’re always happy to help ensure you get the best fit possible, so feel free to shoot us a question.