Our Footprint

Our Sustanibilty Promise

Did you know that one tiny gold ring is responsible for some 20-60 tonnes of toxic waste, contaminating water resources and threatening the lives of the people involved? But fear not, lovers of fine jewelry: Our love of jewelry is a beautiful thing. But We can do better, and we should.

Over 50% of the gold and silver used every year is waste - these are parts of jewelry that have already been worn or parts that have been abandoned. Most gold used in jewelry production is mined at a terrible social cost in developing countries, being exploited in appalling conditions. Most of the time bad for the environment as it's often illegal, unregulated, and excessively wasteful.

100% Recycled Packaging

BellaMoi uses only 100% recycled metals in their work. By melting down each metal, they create stunning handcrafted everyday jewelry for eco-conscious fashion-forward women. Recycled metal has been shown to be more environmentally friendly and brings with it many benefits such as increased durability, so there will never be any need to worry about scratches or dents on your favorite piece from us ever again. Our recycled metals and stones not only make up for the environmental impact, but they also give back in many ways; we provide carbon-neutral shipping services through UPS- our logistics partner.

Furthermore, BellaMoi Moissanites are not mined but lab-grown. We are committed to sustainable living. We care about the planet. That is why our moissanite is not mined but created in a lab, and because of this we can reduce environmental impact by up to 99% compared to traditionally mined gems!


Our packaging also follows strict recycling standards with 100% post-consumer materials used throughout the production process for all the products sold on site. Not one piece goes into landfills or incinerators; they're all recyclable at your local redemption center (or even better yet – recycled)!

And if sustainable living means more than just logos & popular names? We contribute money too: 10 cents per item purchased goes back into supporting organizations around conservation efforts like 1% for the planet.

Even Right now, BellaMoi’s eco-conscious jewelry designers are gradually discovering endless possibilities of using existing materials. Delighting us with their creative visions, they have already begun offering to brand new items with a minimal ecological footprint but a maximum impact!

You deserve to shine.

Bellamoi aims to make an ethical fashion that gives you peace, knowing it will leave behind nothing but good karma and positivity impacting the world around them by expressing their spirit through our designs. We hope this makes all women feel like they can be their true self without holding back!