Our Commitment

We are not just another fine jewelry brand. Instead, we hope to change the world as an earth-conscious organization that cares about people, the environment, and the future.

We are committed to crafting elegant and fashion-forward fine jewelry that compliments your confidence. We allow you to shine positively and impact the world while expressing your spirit through our designs! Committed towards environmental responsibility as well as social consciousness for future generations of people on this planet-we make ethical pieces that give customers both peace of mind when buying from us (knowing how artisans worked hard behind the scenes bringing these gorgeous gems) AND makes them feel good about themselves since they’re contributing in some way too by choosing high-quality materials over inexpensive ones or something disposable like plastics would be.

Lab-created moissanites are a pioneering innovation that empowers us to think outside the diamond mine. Not only is moissanite jewelry more accessible and affordable than natural diamond jewelry, but it's also more transparent. In addition, we know who contributed to the creation of each gemstone precisely and finished jewelry product.

We manufacture jewelry with lab-created gemstones because they're ethically made and earth-conscious. We believe in fair trade and in providing opportunities to skilled jewelry artisans. We want fine jewelry to be accessible and wearable for all women, so our prices are wallet-friendly.

BellaMoi is all about celebrating womanhood and the strength and grace that involves being one- precisely like our moissanites.